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Lost half my favorite list. :(

As title says.

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You have left! (?) (thinking…)
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  • Adminlynx (Admin, xHamster) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    We apologize for the inconveniences.

    Due to a glitch in our system some users have lost their saved Favorites.

    Our programmers are currently working hard trying to restore them as soon as possible.


    xHamster Team

  • MaverickMan909 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    like, fucking seriously, this is the 2nd time this shit has happened, ALL MY FAVORITES ARE GONE. The fucking first time this happened it pretty much removed 3/4 of the favorites I had saved on my account with them saying "we're working hard to bring them back" it never fucking happened, luckily for me I made it about 2-3 months ago so my brilliant idea is to GO BACK AND REFAVORITE ALL THE VIDEOS I HAD FAVORITED BEFORE to the best I can only for them to lose all my favorites again.........seriously fuck this website now, tired of this bullshit, whats the point of having a favorites if I can't keep them for longer than fucking 3 fucking months.

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