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Please Ungroup the "Men" category from the "Gay" category

There are a lot of male users who upload vids like tribute videos. They get categorized under men, however the "men" category also gets grouped along side "gays". Every time I do a tribute video for a woman they flash nothing but ads of gay dudes going at it at the side. Also people automatically assume that because it's "Men" it's just another branch of the "Gay" section.

If you can make on category for Straight Men who want to upload vids, and one separate category for the Gay Men.

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      • Celeb Wank commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I agree. watching a man wank over a pretty young face, or face of a beautiful celeb woman is very different to watching two blokes at it! It's discriminating against str8 or bi guys that happen to enjoy cocking or cumming on pics of lovely ladies, both famous and amateur.

      • philipppe commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        There should be MORE Categories. not just MAN, straight or gay perhaps, but also more like small tits, puffy nipples, big pussy etc

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        TOTALLY AGREE! same for anal, I’m a straight guy into anal with women, but the pics are grouped with gay guys, nothing against gay guys but I don’t want to see their assholes, I wanna see women’s assholes

      • Sidney Gray commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I agree. Make one for "straight men" and one for "gay men". The problem is a lot of guys don't identify as "gay" on their profiles. They will just put themselves down as "male" or "man" as we are so used to doing on other surveys and forms. But adding a sexuality filter would help with this. You can both be a "man" and a "gay" and these two filters would help narrow down and solve the problems that you are suggesting. No more gay ads targeted towards straight male users.

        So in summary, maybe having another identifier would be extremely beneficial.

        Then instead of just searching "male" and not knowing who will get angry at you if you try to add them, you could be more specific and checkbox a list of identifiers like "gay", "male", "top". Or "straight", "male", "dom".

        Gender, Sexuality, and sexual position or kink (last one is not necessary but a personal favorite). Those options can also be added when uploading videos to avoid mixing these two categories together and upsetting users.

      • trials n tribs commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Please do this or at the very least, make it so it's available in both the gay and straight sections. I'm sure there are tributes of guys out there, but for those of us who do it for women, it's because we're attracted to women!

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        We're talking about the male users here, not lesbians. Also all these are excuses you're making simply because you want to look at a straight man's stuff, even though straight guys want nothing to do with you. You just want to intrude somehow and be seen. And your persistent nagging and restrictions of other people is only making you look all the more annoying.

        If you're so hell bent on having everything painted up gay, then why don't you just go to a site that specifically caters to gay media? Anyone content with what they are and who they are would not bother attempting to look into another niche not designed for them. UNDERSTAND? I don't go looking for gay porn. So then why would you go looking at Straight males? Simply because you want trouble.

        "who would visit that "straight male media?"
        Well who would want to see your gay shit all over the site if the gay population of the US is less than 5%? Why don't we just get rid of the Gay sections all together? You're only 5% of the population right? Why do we need set so much aside, (and in this case classify all male media under that title), if you're so small in number? We should only make xhamster for Straight males and women. It would make more sense. But why can't we? Because it's mean, intrusive to your rights, disrespectful to you? Well in that case, put your money where your mouth is and leave us straight guys alone.

      • I am against commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I'm not trying to brand the users but the content, that's what categories are about.

        "Gays won't bother going to a Straight Male section"
        Ehh.. yeah, they will, because they're gay. Or don't you visit content tagged as "girls" and "lesbians"?

        "Girls" means girls alone or in group without any sexual action between them, and "lesbians" means there is some action between them. It's simply a way to fine tune the searches, but don't tell me that as a straight man you watch only "girls" content and strictly avoid lesbian stuff.

        Having a men category would allow gay men to be able to search specifically content about straight or gay men. Ok, that's an improvement for gay users, I get it.
        But please let me ask you, other than that, who would visit that "straight male media"?

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        You're no one to tell people what they can or can't do. Period. Basically what you want is to literally brand all male users on xhamster as "Gay" even if they aren't. File them all in the same category without the male users to have any choice of their own. And finally to strip them of their freedom to use the site for their own private media.

        You're also missing the point, Gays who have their own section and perhaps their own near limitless media won't bother going to a Straight Male section.....UNLESS you're actually looking to stir stuff up, cause trouble, and believe you can somehow "convert" Straight men. The latter would really contradict your notions of "being born this way" wouldn't it?

        How about this, instead of whining on how the site should cater only to gays and ignore everyone else, why don't you simply keep your media in your niche, have your own niche, and let other niches have theirs. Simple as that.

        And as before I have already addressed much of the stuff you're still redundantly and repetitively arguing about. Cease attempting to gain only an answer you want.

      • I am against commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        This debate has come to a dead end. Basically you want to be able to choose what gender or group can and can not watch the material you upload, you can't do that, period.

        If you don't want gay people to watch your videos just protect them with a password. Or even better, don't upload them. You want only women to be able to watch them, and women (like anyone with a little common sense) find that stuff repugnant, so if gay weren't able to watch them and women and straight men are not interested, the end result would still be no one watching them.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Ehh, don't you dare. Because you are a complete hypocrite. "Hey world cater to us gays all the time but I don't think straight men should have their own separate venue". You don't get it through your head. KEEP IT ON YOUR SIDE. Stop trying to sneakily incorporate straight men into your camp.

        If no people are watching my own muscle flexing video, then so be it. I'd rather that, than it be labeled as gay and placed under the gay media tab. You gays have YOUR OWN gay media on xhamster and it's quite full. So why don't you stay with your own camp and gay media and enjoy it. If you people were really live and let live types you wouldn't be so hell bent on trying to get the straight male media filed under gay.

        WE ARE NOT GAY. Understand? No? Let me say it again. WE ARE NOT GAY.

        Yeah this isn't a forum discussing gender studies so stop trying to steer the argument into stuff like calling everyone whom you don't agree with a "homophobe". So because straight men don't want their videos filed under your gay category, that makes them homophobes? Grow up.

        As for this comment:
        "And having a category for men and a different one for gay would mean pushing men pictures in the face of every visitor, who are most certainly looking for something else."

        No it certainly wouldn't because if you hadn't noticed xhamster allows for specified search. A user can uncheck things like Transexual and Gay if they don't want Tranny and Gay findings in their search results. Any idiot knows that. And for the most part the kinds of stuff placed on xhamster's face value tends to be regular porn.

        Understand something about us Straight Men, we're not very "Fabulous" and nor do we care to be. We don't desire to have our videos on the front page of xhamster. What we want however is that when we make our Straight Male media that it not be automatically filed under "Gay". Because we're not gay. We don't care though if our media doesn't make 5 million views.

        As for the showcase frame at the bottom displaying related pictures, don't worry about it. Another thing about us Straight Guys is that we don't need to look at each other's stuff. It don't matter what's at the bottom of the related pics tab, we don't check it out.

        But we find it really freaking irritating that when we upload media we see an advertisement vid of two queers getting it on in all of it's disgusting glory. I don't want to see that.

        So the developers would have two choices:

        A: To create a "Men" category and make sure there's no run off in other places. The Result? Straight men are comfortable uploading once again. Our media can be housed in our section. The Gays have their own gay section to play with. And the regular Straight porn/amateur porn will remain the same untouched by the other niches. Simple as that. Everyone is happy.

        But then there's plan B, your way: Give the Gays what they want, but leave the straight men out to dry and having to put up with gay shit.

        The answer to B is Hell No.

        And please stop with the "women don't like men excuse". You're clearly gay. What goes on with men and women is clearly none of your concern. Worry about your own community.

      • I am against commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        For the 10000th time: there is no such a thing as "straight male media" if by such you mean media that features straight men and consumed by women.

        This is not a forum for discussing gender studies, it's about proposing ideas to improve the site. And having a category for men and a different one for gay would mean pushing men pictures in the face of every visitor, who are most certainly looking for something else.

        That frame on the right, below the current picture gallery, and the one at the bottom in both pictures and videos mode, show related and currently popular content. In case you haven't noticed, they display material from all categories except for gay content. The reason is obvious: gay content has a very narrow public, and general users would find very disturbing to have dick pictures randomly showing up everywhere. Which is exactly what would happen if there were male content around not tagged as gay.

        So developers would have two choices:

        A: To create a "Men" category and make sure that, just like the gay category, nothing from there makes it into the not-gay part of the site to avoid annoying general users. Result: make the site a little more tidy for gay users, but nothing would really change for everyone else.

        B: To leave everything as it is and tag all media that features only men as "Gay", since only gays are interested in media that only displays men, whether those men are straight or not.

        For the majority of users, option A would mean no change at all. Also it's clearly not what you want: you want to have a men category but you don't want to have it hidden in the gay part of the site. You want your "straight men media" pushed in the face of every user who enters the site to watch girls, couples, even drawings, but not men alone.
        That will never happen because the obvious consequences it would have on the traffic, and thus incomes, of the site.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        What on earth are you talking about Swallow? Your victimization complex knows no boundaries. And it goes to the point that you start making up accusations whenever someone opposes your despotic "make the world gay" idealism.

        Did you even bother to read my previous comments. NOT ALL STRAIGHT MALE MEDIA ARE TRIBUTE VIDEOS. Understand now. And even if it was, straight men still should have the right to not have it automatically thrown in the pile of "Gay" videos. Clearly the dudes making such videos are NOT gay and certainly don't care for someone labeling their stuff as gay. Ok? Clear enough for now?

        Stop attempting to make comparisons or analogies with what females like. Men do not work like women. We are often offended and angered when gay men attempt to make sexual flirtations with us. As such an approach is an insult to our masculinity. Why, if your ilk is so confident in being what they are, that they need to have the straight male majority bunched in with them?

        Why can't you leave us to our preferences as you demand society leaves you to yours? Don't you have plenty of gay media categories specifically for gays, made by gays, featuring gays to make you happy?

        Leave us be.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Phobia: a type of anxiety disorder, usually defined as a persistent fear of an object or situation in which the sufferer commits to great lengths in avoiding, typically disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational.

        That is the literal meaning of the word. As for the etymology it comes from the greek Phobos which also means extreme fear or terror.

      • I am against commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        And a phobia is a strong rejection to something, be it because of fear, hate, disgust, etc.. you're confusing the etymology of the word with its meaning.

      • I am against commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        So now were not talking about categories anymore but banning gay content from the entire site.. this thread gets more and more open minded every day..

        There is a mix of points of view about whether to label porn basing on the content or in the consumer. Lesbian porn for example is porn that features girl on girl stuff, although it's clearly addressed to straight men and played mostly by straight women.

        With gay porn is the same, you don't care if the actresses in lesbian porn are straight and you watch it and enjoy it anyway. It makes no difference for gays if the video features a gay or a straight man, it's gay porn anyway. It's probably even more amusing for them if the guy is really straight.

        This is what you seem to believe:

        Porn featuring gay men -> Watched by gay men
        Porn featuring a single or multiple straight men -> Watched by straight women
        Porn featuring a straight man jacking off to a picture -> Watched by straight women

        I'm sorry, but that is pure fantasy. I know you are desperate to find a reason to believe that girls watch your "tribute" videos but it just will never happen.

        Having men and gay categories would be like having a "lesbian porn played by real lesbians" and a "lesbian porn played by straight girls" categories. It would serve to absolutely no practial purpose. Whether the video is about a gay or a straight man, it will only appeal to gays.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Exactly, you CAN'T force someone. Which is why you CAN'T force straight men to fall in line with wanting to list their material under "Gay only" category. It's extremely hypocritical.

        If the categories are about linking content to the "interested audience" then we should have NO Gay media on xhamster at all. There are plenty of gay sites you can go to, to have your gay porn.

        Finally the use of the word "homophobic" is just a microwave term used to brand someone whom you don't agree with. The same way some fool will call another person a "racist" or a "nazi" because they don't fall inline with their political ideology. The term isn't even used properly in it's own context. Phobia means intense irrational fear. People who have a rejection or no interest in your particular lifestyle are by no means irrationally afraid of you. They're just sick and tired of having that stuff set before them all the time.

        Because I'm not agreeing with your stealthy idea of gaying up straight men who post media to xhamster, it also doesn't mean I'm "doing a simple hate rant" either. Simply give the Straight men a category and the Gay men a category. Respect the boundaries of each and don't intrude. Gay men who claim they are born that way can watch the gay categorized media. Why do they need to visit the Straight men's media, unless they have a fantasy to "convert" the straight men somehow.

        A person's rights shouldn't end where you feelings begin.

      • I am against commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        I know they expect women to watch that stuff instead of gays, but you can't force someone to be interested in your material. Categories are about linking content to the "interested audience", not "addressed audience" and the only group that might (I don't know) be interested in videos of men jacking off are gays, not women, who most certainly consider that kind of material repulsive.

        Fake women or couples profiles created by men, saying that they love to see tributes of their (stolen from the web) pictures, won't change that fact, don't be fooled by a bunch of fake profiles of gays who what to see your dick.

        And as for "straight men don't want to perform their exhibition for gays", I don't think you can claim such a homophobic statement in the name of the entire group of straight men of the site. I won't continue a debate that's not really about a technical improvement of the site but a simple hate rant.

      • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Men, normal men, straight men, don't want to perform their exhibition for gays. Case Closed. Gays have plenty of other very promiscuous gay men to display their sexuality to. Unfortunately the more flamboyant gays can never be pleased with what they have. Straight men are utterly repulsed at the idea of them being an object of desire for gay men or having gay men as an object of their desire.

        Also, not all straight male media on xhamster are "Tribute videos". It's just another lame excuse by extremist gays to somehow indoctrinate straight men into their "culture". Some men want to have a sexual outlet or joy of exploring their straight sexuality.

        Leave it on your side and respect our boundaries. What's so hard about that?

      • I am against commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        99% of users of this site are men obsessed with their dicks and upload endless amounts of videos and pictures of them ("tributes" are just videos of you jacking of, you know?) convinced that such material will delight the female audience.. although only the gayest of gays are into that kind of stuff, and I'm not even sure anyone is into it.

        So I think the current design is the best, categories are meant to help users find what they're looking for, it has nothing to do with whom the uploader intended to address the content to.

        You like it or not, "straight women watching straight men porn" simply does not exist. There's "men and women watching girls porn" and "gay men watching men porn".

        Building the site against that reality will only push visitors away and still no woman is going to watch you jacking off.

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