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make a page called meet ups

make a page where you can arrange to meet people in the local area, and have settings where u can only view people from that area

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  • Pornrabbit commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I love this idea!
    Would really be down for a local meetup section where you can hookup with locals interested in same desires.
    While xhamster isn't a dating site it could be a hookup site very easily.
    Just put warnings about safety and that xhamster is not responsible in any way with anything that occurs during a hookup/meetup that would exclude xhamster from any possible legal actions.
    Have another section called meetup and make it so it only shows those within 50 miles of your location and only active profiles within the last 30 days. If you choose to participate it puts you into a city specific local chatroom.. ie you from franklin TN it would put you in Franklin TN chatroom with those within 50 miles of franklin.. now this could be potential issue with lots of city in small area.. can counter this by if this occurs you can pick a city for chatroom if any conflict .. ie if it would offer you franklin, nashville, murfreesboro you can choose which one to enter.
    You could somewhat monetize this as well by including a tip option for continued support which I think most people would not mind and would donate. If you did include any pay/tip option you would have to dilligently police this section to ensure prevention of abuse and spam.
    Can also further monetize this by hosting Xhamster meetup parties in major cities with a cost to attend and making it so they have to be active members of the site as well.

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