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Let us exclude by keyword, too.

The search engine looks for keywords to find the items to display. It would be nice to also exclude results that bear certain keywords. For example, I might want videos of teen women being fuck with big cocks. But I might not want any scenes that contain anal. So, I would put in the "teen female" and "big cock" in the keywords I want. And put "Anal" in the keywords I want to exclude from those results.

This will yield smaller results lists in general than what people are getting, now, and allow them to more quickly find what they want to see without having to sift through a lot of items they don't want to see. I can't imagine why this isn't already part of your search engine. It just seem SO basic to me. Or does this feature exist and I'm too dumb to find it?

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  • Luke commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I too would like to exclude certain content on home page and videos in my search. It’s gotten to the point I may deactivate acct and look elsewhere.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is a great idea. As an example of how useful it would be, I find Cross Dressing a total turnoff. In a search I have just performed, on two key words totally unrelated to CD, (and not in the 'shemale' section either) a total of 27 results out of the 38 on the first page had the word CD, or something similar, in the title. Very annoying..

  • Sam Cuddly commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It will be fantastic if you can implement this as described but it is probably difficult to both include and exclude at the same time. If you can just implement the ability to choose whether to only select categories to include or just categories to exclude then that would be good.

  • Mr MrE commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Debra is VERY VERY right (a good syntax is -word2exclude ie:"hard times -anal" would have searched 2 words then removed any with 'anal' before showing.
    Every site needs this....
    In my opinion and NoAnal check box in advance search is key to a less shitful experience...
    And dont excuse my punn, its apt.

    to increased search algo usage/power/efficiency try use system idle control triggers to utilize spare cpu over 15% to systematically produce completed results file ie:\"catalogs"\ responding to single word searches it has recieved but not already cataloged (or upto 3 words if you think you have what it takes).
    Insted of doing a database search on a large matrix file each search with a capped result dependant on pagenumber time per_page_to_display then relying on server plugins and hotfixs to design similar catalog subsystems that general cap or expire and only hold 100 catalogs which means 50 popular words will be super easy on server and there after 50 might cycle depending on users but all new ones have a high resource need

    omg sorry, should have started my own post... or shut the fuck up and had a wank already, sorry for the language but yeah, its a fucking porn site :)

    y not google a fucking search engine algorythm comparison sight, see who has the best, and rip it ffs

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