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The video category, "Transsexuals" should be changed to "Transgender" and Crossdressers should be moved to that category.

Transgender is a more general term than Transsexual and is along the lines of "Straight" and "Gay." Once that is changed, the sub category, "Crossdresser" should be moved from the Gay category to the Transgender category. Gays are mainly interested in men that look like men. Crossdressers attempt to emulate women and fit better in the Transgender category than the Gay category. Plus, most men attracted to crossdressers identifythemselves as straight and would not initially look for crossdressers in the Gay category but rather the Transgender category.

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    AllyCDTV shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →


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      • Octoberdogg commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Everyone knows xhamster could care less about it members as long as they are raking
        in money off you idiots and your uploads,and please don't respond to me here like
        the cowards you all are, Act like humans and post your hate here,

        And I will prove you all wrong like I always do! Oh and btw all you disgusting gays,trannys,and
        crossdressers need shot in the head

      • AllyCDTV commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Thanks Lynx for the response. Glad somebody from XHamster has taken a look at this thread.

      • Adminlynx (Admin, xHamster) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


        Hi there!

        xHamster is a international community and we`ve got a lot of users from different parts of the world where they want to be referred as "Transsexuals" - this word is more commonly used in their countries and is the key one when searching for such interest.

        If we change the category to "Transgender", we may face the risk of depriving them from being found by search of the key word which is "Transsexual".

        However, this issue is being discussed with the Project Team now and we`ll come up with the solution in the nearest time!

        xHamster Team

      • Hotmisstiffany commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        You are on the mark Ally, this has long been a complaint of mine and I have written to Xhamster about it .. of course, they never respond.

      • AllyCDTV commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Jane, thank you for giving me some more laughs and entertainment. You may think I'm ugly and that's okay. You are entitled to your opinion. If you look at the numbers though, a hell of a lot more people think otherwise, millions more in fact across several sites that I have posted on. When you look at my profile, videos and pictures there are thousands of comments about how people love my content. You know that there are over 10,000 people that want to be associated with me by "friending" me. That's a lot by any standard. In fact I've had to block new friend request because there are so many. So if you and "anonymous" don't like me, I can live with that.

        Why don't you post the link to your profile? I think it's because you are too ugly to have one. I'm guessing that you are so fucking ugly that it would bring the entire Internet down if a picture was ever posted of you. That would really get Xhamster in trouble. LMFAO

        It sounds like you don't like my tits. That's too bad. Many people have complimented me on them and many other transgenders have asked me where I got them. So what kind of tits do you have, those scrawny looking ‘mone tits or did you get one of those boob jobs that look like two watermelon halves stuffed under your skin? Maybe all those fake hormones your quack doctor has given you has done nothing to your flat, little-boy chest. In any case, you sound jealous to me. Of course we won't know for sure since you are too ugly to even post a picture.

        Now as far as your so-called kids getting scared by me, WTF kind of parent are you that you would let your kids see this site? If I actually believed that you could have kids I'd be really concerned but I can't believe that you have either the ability to reproduce or even know how to. ROFL

        I see that you agree with anonymous that I'm in need of, as you put it, "psycho evaluation." I've found that the people who rant telling other people to seek psychological help are the ones that need it most. So tell me Jane, since you have determined that I need psychological help, what college or university did you get your psychology degree from? Just kidding, I can see by the way you write that you never even came close to getting out of grammar school. LOL Here let me help you with a few things:

        "Its" should be "It's" or "It is" First attempt at a word and you already got it wrong.
        "cas" should be "because." Three words in and 2 errors. You aren't doing too well.
        "allly" should be capitalized. Four words and you are 1-3. That's not a good record.
        "shit, and" the word "and" should not be preceded by a comma because it does not separate 2 independent clauses.
        "wearin" should be "wearing"
        "its" once again, should be "It's" or "It is"
        "n" should be "and"
        "that is some serious, in need of some serious psycho evaluation" WTF, did you even read what you wrote? Can you even read? LMFAO
        "psycho" should be "psychological"
        "youd" shoud be "you'd"
        "becas" you mean, "because."

        And what's with all the "...." between your phrases? I know three dots means that something was left out but a series of four dots just isn't defined in any style manual for writing in the English language.

        You know Jane, your stupidity is really setting a bad example for the transgender community, assuming you are a transgender. Of course we don't know for sure since you won't let us know what your profile is. That being the case, you really are doing your fellow transgenders a disservice by writing like a complete moron. You are a disgrace and should keep underneath the rock you crawled out from.

        The fact is Jane, that sub-human pieces of shit like you are ruining it for everyone. If I really cared about what you had to say, I might be inclined to remove all my content, and this would be tragic for the millions of people that like what I do. That might happen to people less secure than I am. And if it does, then all Xhamster users will suffer. It is up to everybody in our Xhamster community to do whatever they can to eradicate disgusting little pieces of filth like you.

        I do feel sorry for you Jane and all the other insignificant little trolls out there. What pathetic lives you must have where you have nothing better to do than make lame attempts at hurting people. This issue regarding crossdressers is over. Xhamster will do noting to change their catagories. Yet you feel compelled to come here and make laughable attempts at insulting me. Too bad you have nothing better to do with your loser life.

        I welcome you, "anonymous" and all the other low-life scum to come here and waste your time trying to insult me and hurt my feelings. Better you do it to someone who doesn't give a fuck about what you have to say than someone new to this, who you might actually have an effect on. Besides, I could always use a good laugh. :)

      • Mr. Neutron commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Jane you ignorant slut, wait until Ally sees your post. She is gonna ream you a new asshole. How the fuck stupid are you to say that Ally is ugly? She is one of the best looking transgenders on this site. In addition to being far beyond stupid, you must be as blind as a bat. Considering your post is bat-shit crazy, it stands to reason. You're probably as ugly as a bat too since you can't even post a picture of yourself. BTW, please get yourself a dictionary and learn how to spell. Hint: all those red lines under your attempts at creating words mean that what you typed is misspelled. Misspelled words make your lunatic rant even harder to read.

      • jane commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Its funny...cas ally is the confused and misguided troll...I mean look at the nasty bitch.... uglier than dog shit, and couldn't get laid if he paid anyone..... fake titty wearin troll.... its people like this that scare me n my kids.... that is some serious, in need of some serious psycho evaluation. I could understand their words loud and clear, and whoever they were, was just right.... you are just scary!!!! go be a fag dude..... youd be better off..... becas you are the ugliest mother fucker we have ever seen!!!!!!!

      • AllyCDTV commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        Haven't checked this for a while since I've come to the conclusion that this whole suggestion board is a bunch of bullshit. Xhamster has no intention of considering this, no matter how logical, popular or in their best interests it is.

        Kinda sorry that I haven't been around because that misguided little troll that made all those rants between June 23-24 is fucking hilarious. Sure missed a good laugh. Trouble is that I wish the troll was a native English speaker or at least made it past 2nd grade because its nut job rantings were a little difficult to understand. Little bit too amped up on something are we sweetie? ROFLMFAO

      • Emily commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        to be honest i think transgenders/Transexuals and crossdressers are just considered people and women still but theres nothing wrong with that cause we all were born in the wrong body and had to let it out some time

      • Em commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

        The person in the comments below has some serious mental issues. Stop hating and discriminating on other people. You are not excused because you're a transsexual of making such hateful comments. What if a crossdresser is aiming to transition and wants some confidence throughout the way? What if a crossdresser is more feminine and visually appealing than someone on hormones? What if the only positive thing in someone's life is getting compliments online by people who find them and what they do attractive?
        Do you think it's right to call people gross for celebrating their bodies in the way that they wish?
        Some people are disgusting on the inside, I'd never though I'd see a homophobic transsexual, that's movie material right there.

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