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      started  ·  282 comments  ·  General » Cams  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
      Florida45 commented  · 

      It's Wednesday, June 4th @10:00pm (EST) in USA. There (55) models on-line at xHamster - (355) on-line at Chaturbate ???? Just goes to show you what happens, when you ignore your customers !

      Florida45 commented  · 

      As I mentioned earlier, my current premium membership expires in mid-May - I will NOT renew it. However I do want to mention 2 points:
      (1) I am going to amend my previous plan (that i have communicated to others) of giving "Goodbye" tips to those models I have come to know on this site (as a way of using my remaining tokens). Instead, the tokens will go unused and I will inform those same models that I will give them a "Welcome" tip, when they join me on the Chaturbate site.
      (2) It is obvious the individuals managing this site lack the business acumen that an MBA, much less a bachelor's degree in business, would provide. You seem to be ignorant of the strategic implications of this tactical move of eliminating "User Lists".
      - A basic tenant of "customer service" ( Ref: "The Persuit of Excellence" by Tom Peters) is that satisfied customers will tell 2 - 3 other people of their pleasant experience... BUT... A dis-satisfied customer will inform 10 -15 other people of their unsatisfactory experience.
      - In light of that, you fail to realize that this major error (of eliminating "User Lists"), that you appear to be resistent to reverse, will likely extend far beyond your live cam chat room service. In fact ( as an experienced & successful business man) I'm confident you have done major damage to the "xHamster BRAND". You have demonstrated a LACK OF UNDERSTANDING of the key aspects of your service, POOR JUDGEMENT, in your intial decision to remove "User Lists" and INDIFFERENCE to your customers.... not exactly a "Strategy for Success" !

      Florida45 commented  · 

      Let me clarify my remarks from April 10th.... I don't give a shit, what xhamster does. I was just giving them, the unreciprocated courtesy of letting them know what my plans are ..... I'm terminating my premium membership !

      Florida45 supported this idea  · 
      Florida45 commented  · 

      XHAMSTER better smarten up & re-instate the User List & the "Girls Category" selection, on the main page. Are you folks crazy ???
      I am no longer tipping models & looking to other sites. When the good tippers leave xhamster ... the smart, attractive models will follow them to the other sites. Then what will you be left with, XHAM ?
      The Gold Members are your customers ... your customers are not satisfied with your service ... fix it or suffer the consquences of losing revenue, gold members and models.

      Florida45 commented  · 

      In addition, I should mention that I am implementing my own "April Tip Boycott". I will not tip until the User Lists are re-instated in the chat rooms.
      If, by the end of April, you have still chosen to restrict members from seeing the User List (which is your prerogative), I will terminate my membership at xhamster.
      I see no point in doing business with an on-line service that does not focus on Customer Satisfaction.

      Florida45 commented  · 

      Bring back the user list. You have removed an essential part of the social experience of xham chat rooms.
      The argument that this is intended to protect models from having their Gold members "poached" by other on-line models entering their room - is ridiculous !!! A gold member is free to leave a room at anytime...&...if a gold member is inclined to leave "Model A's" room, in order to join "Model B's" room....that Gold member was probably NOT tipping or actively engaged with "Model A" ... so, what is the loss ???
      I would also suggest, that in the future, you discount the opinion of the "special gold members" that recommended eliminating the User List, in order to "protect" their model girlfriends.

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